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Short Mat Bowls
Enjoyed by all

2022/23 winners Team B:
Mervin Field, Lyn & David Andrassy and Sally Barber.


The short mat winter season closed on Thursday 13th April 2023. The league ended with a race to the finish by 4 teams with only 4 points difference between the top and fourth place.

The winning team was (wait for the drumroll):

Team B consisting of Mervin Field, David Andrassy, Lyn Andrassy and Sally Barber, scoring 47 points over the past 24 weeks. Congratulations!

Second were Team D consisting of Brian Gillard. Ian Whitehead, Cindy Hook and Ray Willats, scoring 46 points.

These were followed by Team F consisting of Roger Bultitude, Sandra Potter, Norma Morton and Tony Morton, scoring 45 points, and in 4th place were Team C consisting of Joyce Mitchell, Richard Uzupris, Pat Brett-Pitt and Geoff Baker, scoring 43 points.

Short Mat, is a social evening played on Thursdays between 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm during the winter months from October until the end of April.

It involves 10 teams of 4 people playing at all levels of ability, who have a lot of fun. The mat is laid in the early afternoon giving people the opportunity to practice should they wish.  

During the evening the bar is open if you fancy a tipple with your team mates or a chat with friends.


If you would like to join us next winter, add your name to the list which will be displayed on the Club noticeboard next September. 


We are restricted to 40 players who are able to come on a regular basis, but we welcome anyone who would like to come on an occasional basis in which case you could fit into any team on the night where a team may have an absentee.  If so add your name to the occasional list.

All are welcome, if you don't want to bowl come and socialize with members over the cold winter months, It is worth getting out of the armchair for!

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