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Bowling Info 2020

Adams League           Mixed Triples League
Affinity League             Ladies Triples League
2020 League  NEW       Ladies Triple League
Cutler Shield                  Mens League
Group 6                              Mens League
Friendlies                    Just for fun, playing other Clubs
Open Tournaments      Teams from the area compete
Club Competitions       Arranged throughout the season
Monday pm. League   Internal club  Lge  relaxed
Friday eve. League       Internal club Lge  competative
Hornsby Fisher              Arrive and play  very relaxed

Ladies Top Club

1st round  Saturday  2nd May

2nd round Saturday  9th  May

3rd round  Saturday 16th May

See notice board for team selection 

venues and times.

Albert Crabb

1st  round Wednesday   3rd June

2nd round Wednesday  17th June

3rd  round Wednesday  8th July

See notice board for team selection

venues and times.

Dress Code 

White above the waist with grey trousers/skirts to be worn for all Group 6, Cutler Shield and friendly matches, this also applies to National, County, London & Southern Counties and Southend & District competitions.

Bowling shoes, in any colour approved by Bowls England, to be worn on the green at all times.

Over wear, pullovers, jackets, waterproofs, etc. must be white in colour. Hats may be white or cream and braces if worn, should not be visible.

White trousers/skirts will be worn if competition rules specify this requirement, for special club days and for matches where the requirement is clearly stated on the match sheet.

Members may wear white or grey tailored bowling shorts, with white ankle socks, depending on the dress of the day.

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